Mr. Gray

Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the cats tried their hands at poetry.
Terra: Well, not any adoptions this week, but there was a lot of snow!
Tillie: No kidding! ARF volunteers didn’t even open the doors on Saturday or Sunday.
Mr. Gray: They worked hard just to get through the snow to get to ARF to care for us.
Terra: I heard that they also dealt with at least five lost or found dogs on the weekend.
Zeus: Yikes!
Tilly: And guess what? The puppies will be here for a couple of hours starting at noon this Saturday.
Agatha: Are they adoptable?
Sadie: Unlike you kittens, they are not yet ready to go to their forever homes. They need a couple more weeks.
Zeus: Then why will they be here at the ARF House?
Agatha: I heard they will be here to meet potential adopters.
Bear: Humans may complete an application and leave a deposit for one of those adorable little pups.
Mr. Gray: And if they don’t fall in love with one of them, which is unthinkable, they may adopt one of you three kittens still looking for a home.
Tilly: What if they want to adopt a puppy and a kitten?
Bear: That would probably work. How nice that the two babies may grow up together!
Heavenly Whiskers: Two kittens adopted together would be great. They would keep each other company and play with each other, giving the humans a break!
Agatha: That really would be nice. I’d like to stay with one of my siblings, but I’d be happy to be the only fur child!
Tilly: And if the humans aren’t feeling the love for puppy or kitten energy, then they will want to take a look at us adult cats.
Zeus: Hopefully they recognize what a wonderful family member an adult cat would be.