Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF pets discussed ARF’s offer of a two-fer for adoption of Mr. Gray and George.
Sadie: Hey everyone! We have a new cat!
Mr. Gray: Woohoo! Who is it?
Thomas: ’Tis I, Thomas. I’m the newest ARF cat.
Mr. Gray: Whoa. You look a lot like George.
George: Did someone call me?
Pepper: Mr. Gray said our new cattery member Thomas looks a lot like you.
George: (Face to face with Thomas) Huh. I guess you do. Your hair is longer, but we do resemble each other quite a bit. What’s your story, Thomas?
Thomas: Well, a very nice lady on the Hill saw me hanging around her house. We became friends and I made myself comfortable in her home. Sadly, she couldn’t keep me, so she called ARF. ARF’s cattery was full, but they told her when there was an opening, they’d take me.
Sadie: Sounds familiar.
Thomas: In the meantime, she tried hard to find my guardian, but with no luck. So here I am!
Pepper: We are so glad you’ve joined us, Thomas.
Mr. Gray: What else should we know about you?
Thomas: I saw the veterinarian at Sadie’s Clinic, and he thinks I’m about 3 years old. He gave me tests and vaccinations. I’m already neutered.
George: So, you’re ready to be adopted?
Thomas: Very soon. Right now I’m still a little confused about this sudden move, but I really do love humans. Dogs are good, too!
Mr. Gray: We’re so glad you’re here with us.
Heavenly Whiskers: Don’t take this wrong, but we hope you’re not here for long, if you know what I mean.
George: Ha! That’s a good one, Whiskers. And yes, I think we all know what you mean.
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