Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats welcomed Thomas to the cattery.

Mr. Gray: So, I’ve been thinking about reasons why humans should have us felines in their lives.
Thomas: Did you come up with some good ones?
Mr. Gray: I surely did! First of all, cats are masters of self-care, meaning we are pretty low maintenance. We tell our humans when something is wrong, we enjoy time alone and we are excellent at entertaining ourselves. And we care for our bodies. We can spend half of our waking hours cleaning ourselves
George: So true. I wonder if humans realize we spend two-thirds of our lives sleeping.
Pepper: Geeze. A pet can’t get much easier than that!
George: You know, looking around this cattery, I see examples of this from every cat here.
Sadie: We all care for ourselves!
Thomas: It has been fun watching George, Mr. Gray and Sadie running throughout the cattery, playing with each other.
Pepper: And I love playing with those little balls.
Mr. Gray: It’s so nice that ARF humans have fixed hanging toys for us to bat about.
George: I keep busy greeting every human who comes in.
Thomas: And Heavenly Whiskers, your photo can be found in the dictionary under “cat nap.” You are very good at snoozing.
Mr. Gray: I think we all are.
Heavenly Whiskers: And we all have very good bathroom manners.
George: Yes, we all make good use of the litter box!
Pepper: And did you know passengers at Denver Airport find relaxation in engaging with the airport’s official therapy cat?
Sadie: No kidding! I thought only dogs did that.
Thomas: Just goes to show ya that cats are just as good as dogs for a human’s well-being.
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