Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats talked about how many of them are lap cats.
Zeus: I was hoping last week’s “Creature Corner” would encourage humans to see what great lap cats we are.
Thomas: Well, Heavenly Whiskers has some interest.
Zeus: Seriously? That’s great! Whiskers, tell us about it.
Heavenly Whiskers: A nice couple spent time in the cattery, and I got some great petting.
Sadie: Are you going to be adopted?
Heavenly Whiskers: Maybe! The best part is the humans knew they needed to spend a little time in the cattery so we would feel comfortable, and I did. It was so nice.
Mr. Gray: I hope people realize that we are ready to be adopted, and by that I mean we are current on vaccinations, and some of us have recently had our dentals.
Zeus: So when we are adopted, we should need little to no veterinary care for quite a while.
Indie: That’s right. ARF really takes care of us. The nice lady in charge of animal welfare tracks our weight and is continually making certain we are healthy.
Mr. Gray: Right! We all had a visit from a veterinarian, and she determined which of us need to have some dental work. She also gave us vaccinations to keep us healthy.
Indie: We are feelin’ good!
Zeus: And looking good, too.
Bear: On another subject, are there no ARF dogs now?
Heavenly Whiskers: Not at the moment, but you know how that goes. If one comes along who will work out with a foster, ARF will take it in and give it everything it needs.
Thomas: Well, that shouldn’t be too long. Just when things get quiet …
Bear: Yeah, we know.
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