Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats talked about their health and the care they receive from ARF.
Zeus: I heard the ARF humans talking about us on Sunday.
Thomas: Me, too. They were commenting on how friendly we are.
Zeus: And that we run to the door when they arrive in the morning.
Heavenly Whiskers: No kidding. Their arrival means a clean cattery and yummy breakfast!
Sadie: I was thinking last night about what kind of human would like to add a cat to the family.
Heavenly Whiskers:
Well, the human would have to look forward to having his ankles rubbed by an affectionate, hairy animal.
Mr. Gray: And she would have to love a housemate who will randomly and regularly entertain her with outrageous and silly antics.
Pepper: And who wouldn’t want to enjoy the unconditional love and constant companionship any of us would offer?
Zeus: I just hope that ARF will make certain we are adopted by a human who couldn’t imagine leaving us behind if they had to move.
Bear: Oh good grief, Zeus. Who would do such a thing?
Mr. Gray: Sadly, that’s how some of us got here, right, Indie?
Indie: Yep. And I think Thomas knows this as well.
Thomas: (hanging his head) Yes, I do.
Bear: May we now change subjects to something happier?
Heavenly Whiskers: Please!
Thomas: My life is happier and much better now that I’m here at ARF. No more begging for food at random doorsteps. Hopefully soon I will have a permanent home to call my own.
Bear: I think we all feel that way.
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