Few failed to enjoy this snow, perhaps the most beautiful one in 20 years. Snowmen and snowwomen appeared both in the town center and cabin yards, prompting a snow-sculpting contest at the elementary school. Snow ... lots of work and lots of pleasure. Town Crier Archive

70 years ago - 1949
Pete Hibbert passed away. He had been the lookout atop Tahquitz Peak for many years.
65 years ago - 1954
The American Legion Post 800 held a turkey shoot at the Idyllwild Rifle and Pistol Club near Mountain Center.
60 years ago - 1959
Golfers were testing the Hill’s new golf course located in the area once known as Dutch Flat, site of a pioneer sawmill operation.
55 years ago - 1964
The first teen dance of the season at Town Hall was declared a success with 140 teenagers dancing to live music by Ric and the Renegades.
50 years ago - 1969
Despite opposition by the County Planning Department, the Local Agency Formation Commission approved annexation of 2,200 acres in Garner Valley to the Lake Hemet Municipal District.
45 years ago - 1974
The U.S. Forest Service traffic count over the Thanksgiving holiday revealed that 9,156 cars, carrying an estimated 20,143 people, visited the Hill between 4:30 p.m. Wednesday and 4:30 p.m. Sunday.
40 years ago - 1979
Then part-time Idyllwild residents Bob and Betty Crimi celebrated Bob’s retirement by walking from their home in Pasadena to their cabin in Idyllwild.
35 years ago - 1984
Caltrans announced plans to replace the Strawberry Creek bridge on Highway 243 in Idyllwild and to straighten out the double-S curve near Mountain Center.
30 years ago - 1989 Richard Greenwood, owner of Community Lumber, accepted Riverside County Waste Management’s request to operate a new recycling center to be located at the Idyllwild Transfer Station.
25 years ago - 1994
A winter storm provided two inches of snow to add ambience to the annual Christmas Tree Lighting.
20 years ago - 1999
Shiloh Christian Ministries found a permanent home in the former Idyllwild Library in Fern Valley. The congregation had been meeting at various places in Idyllwild for 17 years.
15 years ago - 2004
An agreement was made between the Hemet Unified School District (HUSD) and Idyllwild Arts Academy (IAA). In exchange for IAA providing two-week summer session scholarships for five HUSD students, HUSD would leave five of its school buses at IAA during summer sessions to be used for emergency transportation of students in the event of an evacuation.
10 years ago - 2009
While officially still fall, snow visited Idyllwild Saturday and Sunday. More than five inches fell in the village center, according to Idyllwild Fire Protection District. More snow fell in Pine Cove.
5 years ago - 2014
After two years, Idyllwild Fire Protection District commissioners approved an agreement for the local Mile High Radio Club to operate WNKI, the local emergency radio station.
1 year ago - 2018
The California Highway Patrol San Gorgonio Pass Station had joined with Idyllwild Fire Protection District and the Idyllwild Snow Group to create an educational video for off-Hill visitors who flock to Idyllwild during heavy snow incidents primarily to play in the snow.