Larry Livingston, the world-renowned conductor and educator, who has been the Idyllwild Arts Music Director of Summer Festival Orchestras for more than 30 years. 
Photo courtesy of Idyllwild arts foundation

On Sunday, August 4, Idyllwild Arts Foundation will present the culmination performance of the High School Summer Chamber Festival Orchestra and Festival Choir of Idyllwild Arts, a fundraiser that helps to provide scholarships to hundreds of students.  

The program will feature more than 100 talented young people performing on the world-class stage of Walt Disney Concert Hall, home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. They are thrilled and determined to honor this rare chance, especially as last year’s concert was cancelled due to the Cranston Fire. 

The featured repertoire will include Strauss’ “Der Rosenkavalier Suite and Inner Light,” featuring choral works by Grammy-winning composer and conductor Eric Whitacre, one of the most popular musicians of his generation. Students will perform under the masterful batons of Maestros Larry Livingston, Dr. Joseph Modica, and Assistant Conductor Sey Ahn. 

This will be the last Idyllwild Arts Foundation Summer Culmination Concert conducted by Larry Livingston, the world-renowned conductor and educator, who has been the Idyllwild Arts Music Director of Summer Festival Orchestras for more than 30 years. 

Livingston guided the relaunching of the Summer Festival Orchestras three decades ago and helped build the summer orchestral program from a small ensemble of local high school students and faculty to one of the finest youth orchestras in the United States with an international reputation that now attracts students from around the world. The performance will be dedicated to him. 

“This summer, we will glimpse the future of classical music on the grand stage.” said Pamela Jordan, president of Idyllwild Arts. “The afternoon will also be a tribute to Larry Livingston, who has invested so much time and energy into making the Idyllwild Arts Summer Program one of the finest in the world.”

For more than 70 years, the Idyllwild Arts Summer Program has provided a unique experience for young artists from around the world. Located on a spectacular 205-acre campus in the San Jacinto Mountains, the Idyllwild Arts High School Chamberfest and Festival Choir are intensive two-week programs led by world-renowned artists and teachers. 

The programs are designed to offer outstanding musicians the opportunity to refine the skills needed for excellence in performance, from solo and small groups to large ensemble performances. Through a thoughtful process, top students are selected by faculty members and coaches to perform on the grand stage. As a true youth-only orchestra and choir, the performance will showcase some of the most talented high school students from around the world, ranging from 13 to 18 years old, playing legendary classical works. 

The nearly two-hour performance will take place at 3 p.m. at Walt Disney Concert Hall with a pre-concert brunch beginning at 12:30 p.m. in the Founders Room. Tickets can be purchased for the concert by the public for $25 or $100 for the concert and brunch at

Idyllwild Arts Academy and Summer Program remain at the forefront of arts education and this performance would be impossible without the contributions of those students who have received scholarships. Idyllwild Arts therefore invites guests to support Idyllwild Arts Foundation’s annual commitment to providing $7 million in scholarships for students to attend Idyllwild Arts Academy and the Idyllwild Arts Summer Program.