Last Tuesday evening at an Indio peace vigil against racism and gun violence, I learned the depth of hurt, uncertainty, and despair provoked by Trump’s immigration and NRA condoned policies.
A number of vigil speakers mentioned the impact Trump’s divisive rhetoric has had on their lives. Anger was not their message. Instead, they talked about love of country and community. Words like heal, reach out, and kindness were spoken freely, sometimes through tear-filled eyes.
The names of relatives and strangers, victims of gun violence, were listed on white crosses held by community members and organizers. No words were necessary as the visual reality was sad enough.
I learned a valuable lesson about the power of people coming together to share their pain and hope. The majority of vigil participants were Latino, but we all felt the sorrow and outrage. We also have the same determination to reclaim our country.

Mary MacLaren Rider