By Will Steichen
Idyllwild Community Center Director

the Red Hawks and Royal Knights, and left, the Blue Monsters and Renegades played on Thursday afternoon at Idyllwild School. Photos by Jenny Kirchner

4- to 6-year-old category
Defense was outstanding again this week in both games with no goals scored. These soccer players have really learned how to play defense this year. Danielle Rodriquez stopped many shots on goal for the Red Hawks and Augie Titus was a star on defense. Mark Pena and Beau Dillon were spectacular on defense for the Royal Knights.
Cooper Lewis provided outstanding goalkeeping for the Renegades and Ruthie Malloy played a great game. Marlin Peterson and Glen McIntyre were the stars for the Blue Monsters.
7- to 9-year-old category
Idyllwild’s Dane Knight scored two goals and Roger Gonzalez and Tate Donavan combined for the shutout in a 2-0 victory. Miles Sechrest, Kayson Adams, Hannah Jong and Tristan Bilecky had great games for The Dragons. Ben Taylor scored two goals for Liverpool and Candice Cook had some big kicks on defense for the 2-1 victory. Tristan Bilecky scored the only goal for The Dragons and Jack Taylor was all over the field defensively for The Dragons.
Idyllwild and Liverpool battled to a 1-1 tie. Bentley Lewis scored a goal for Idyllwild and Liverpool tied the game with a goal from Ben Taylor. Goalie Luke Olivier of Liverpool was awesome in the net. Katherine Rodriquez had some big kicks for Idyllwild.
Standings: Idyllwild 3-0-3, Liverpool 2-1-3, The Dragons 0-5-1
10- 14-year-old category
Crusaders and Idyllwild Stars battled to a 0-0 tie. Great goalkeeping by Crusaders trio Seth White, Jayden Fogle and Cameron Gage. Goalies Finn Carpenter and Oliver Gonzalez combined for the Idyllwild Stars shutout.
Standings: Crusaders 2-1-1, Idyllwild Stars 1-2-1

Liverpool and Idyllwild, in the 7- to 9-year-old category, played against each other at Idyllwild School Friday afternoon. Photos by Jenny Kirchner