For the second year, Idyllwild Fire Protection District personnel — those we depend on for our safety — put people in danger in three ways.
1. Riding large, motorized vehicles in our Halloween parade that, in the past, was absolutely unnecessary and is dangerous with children running back and forth across a closed-to-traffic street to trick or treat at businesses.
2. Throwing Halloween candy from these motorized vehicles that could result in children being run over.
3. Blasting a fire engine horn that is so loud it frightens all, but especially small children, pets and elderly with heart conditions.
This year, instead of just writing my opinion, I went up to the driver of that obnoxious honking fire engine and gave him a piece of my mind.
The Halloween parade is a fun event for our community and it belongs to the community.
It should not be ruined by arrogant, immature medical people.

Becky Clark,
Stone Creek


  1. Next year I propose we have a special area that does not allow any of what you pointed out is dangerous. It will be miles from the parade so that those concerned are not unduly put at risk of hearing festivities they may disagree with. Problem solved.