Think of this like a little public service announcement for all significant others that have found themselves forced into prep for a holiday party they want no part of. Follow a simple rule — and at the end of the party — you will find yourself in the embrace of the person you love, and not the embrace of the too-short couch.
If it requires a power tool, it is not a task for 30 minutes before guests are about to arrive.
I know that leaky faucet or those drywall patches that you’ve been asked to work on for the months leading up to the party seem tempting. They move right up there to the front of your brain and you want to conquer those jobs and be the hero of the day.
Trust me on this, put the tool belt down and grab a mop, or a broom, or literally any other cleaning supply and/or tool you can find and get to work.
Because here’s the thing … your partner has been freaking out over some unidentifiable funky smell and the smudged walls for hours and they still need to get some real pants on and look presentable before guests arrive.
You want to be the hero? Be a partner like Kristoff. If you haven’t seen Frozen 2, you should go — bring a notepad.
Go to them as they’re elbow-deep in bleach and wielding a toilet brush like a mighty sword and say, “I’m here. What do you need?”
Heart melted.
You get a gold star and all you had to do is clean some dishes and dust the knickknacks. Yes, those ones. The ones you don’t know why your significant other even buys because they just sit there collecting dust. Just handle it.
And that’s it. One simple rule and everyone wins. Now go forth and rock that party prep. You’ve got this!