By Janice Murasko
Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” new ARF cats discussed how to keep cats comfortable in cold, snowy weather.
Phil: Let’s continue the game we were playing last week, but instead of how to keep cats warm, let’s talk about keeping dogs warm.
Atlas: Great! People just have to know when it’s too cold for a dog outside, for starters.
Phil: Right! When it’s 20˚ F outside, it’s too cold for most dogs. Above 20˚ F it may still be too cold to walk if conditions are icy, windy, or if the dog is very young, old, or has a compromised immune system.
Newton: Jackets! Put jackets onto the dogs!
Buffie: Not all dogs will benefit from a sweater or jacket, but many breeds can.
Whiskers: Hairless breeds should always wear some type of winter dog clothing. Short haired and small breeds should always wear a sweater or jacket for insulation.
Buffie: And pet guardians should consider getting a jacket or sweater for elderly dogs, sick dogs, young puppies or immune-compromised pets.
Newton: And their feet! Don’t forget about their feet!
Harley: Right. There can be sharp objects just below the snow-covered surface that no one can see.
Phil: They can wear booties or their pet parents can apply paw wax.
Atlas: And what about when the dog sleeps at night?
Cuddles: They should always be indoors, especially at night!
Harley: That should go without saying.
Phil: Besides being so much colder at night, when sleeping outside they are prime targets for predators.
Atlas: And if the dog is extra sensitive to the cold, even when staying inside, humans can use a warming bed or a heated pad designed to keep dogs warm.
Cuddles: The best part about all this is that the cold weather gives pets and their guardians good cause to spend time together.
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