Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats talked about pregnant Flora. 

Zeus: Well? Any kitten news?

Bear: Yes! Flora delivered six healthy kittens on Friday morning.  

Zeus: Yippee! I’m going to take a peek.      

Whiskers: Ooh! I’ll go with you.

(Whiskers and Zeus enter the kittenry) 

Flora: Shhh! Come on in but be quiet. They are finally napping.

Whiskers: Ahh, they are so cute. Three orange, one black, one tabby and one who might be a calico, just like mama!

Flora: That’s right. They are very sweet, but wow! They are really hungry all the time.  

Pepper: (entering kittenry) Hi Flora. You look pretty darned good considering all you’ve been through. 

Flora: I’m a bit tired, but I’m doing very well. 

Pepper: Have the ARF folks named the kittens yet?  

Flora: Not yet, but they will pretty soon. 

Zeus: I bet ARF will have many people interested in adopting your babies once they’re ready.  

Pepper: And you too, Flora. 

Flora: I hear there is already a list of people who want to adopt a kitten or me. 

Whiskers: Maybe anyone who might want to adopt a kitten should call ARF and get their name on the list.  

Pepper: That is a good idea. Those babies won’t be around ARF for long.  

Zeus: How will people meet these kittens during the virus restrictions?

Whiskers: The kittens won’t be ready to meet people for a few weeks, and when they are, I’m certain things will be worked out. Everyone must be very cautious nowadays. 

Flora: I feel very confident that ARF humans will do everything necessary to make certain all are safe. 

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