Last week in Days of Our Nine Lives, the ARF cats were happy for Leia’s finding a forever home.


Bobbie:  Olivia, you know that I’m the new cattery 4-1-1, right?


Olivia: Yes, you’re the know-it-all. We get it.  

Bobbie:  Darned tootin’ I know it all! I know that ARF has a new dog. 

George:  (Yelling into the cattery)  Hey guys!  Bobbie says we have a new dog in the ARF family!  

Olivia:  Cool!  What’s she like?


Bobbie:  She’s a Boxer-mix and will celebrate her second birthday next month.  

Mr. Gray: Very nice, very nice.  I just hope she doesn’t upset the apple cart.  

Mr. Gray

George:  Olivia might, but I doubt this dog will. I hear she has very good house manners. 

Bobbie:  George, you are correct. Her name is Nala, and she is house trained, doesn’t jump on people, and isn’t a barker.  


Mr. Gray: Whew.  That’s good. You know I prefer a calm environment.

Pepper: So, does Nala like dogs? cats? kids?  

Bobbie: From what I’ve heard, she really likes dogs and plays well with kids.  We don’t know yet about cats.

Mr. Gray: When you say she plays well with kids, is she, uh, like crazy?  


Bobbie: She is energetic, but she knows how to relax and be a good member of the family.

George:  Maybe she’d like to go on walks or hikes.

Mr. Gray: Yes, walks and hikes would probably be good for this youngster.  

Olivia: But can she open cabinets and jump from cat trees onto cabinets and shelves?  Have I mentioned I can?  

Mr. Gray: Yes, Olivia, we know. You are one very special cat.

Olivia: I am special!  And I’d be a perfect holiday addition to a special family. And this month, my adoption fee is half-price! 

Bobbie:  As it is for all of us.  

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