I worked in the water industry for more than 33 years and retired as general manager of an urban water district. In reading the Town Crier a couple of weeks ago, I was shocked to see a letter from a candidate for the board of directors calling the district antiquated. This is far from the truth. In my view, the district is modern and its facilities well-maintained. The personnel of the district take great pride in serving their customers. The openness of the district’s books are there for all to see, and in my opinion, beyond reproach.

The general manager has managed the district’s resources well and Pine Covers should be proud of their district. Ongoing capital improvements are a testimony to the foresight of the district’s management.

The directors of a water district are not engineers or certified operators. The duty of a director is to set policy and give input to the general manager; not to manage.

Most importantly, to the candidate who wrote the letter to the editor, if you can’t sign a letter to the editor using your real name maybe you shouldn’t be running for office.

In closing, I am sure that the fine people of Pine Cove will vote intelligently, as I keep drinking my great-tasting Pine Cove water.

Gary Draper
Pine Cove