Mr. Gray

Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats learned how hot pavement will burn a dog’s paws just as it burns a human’s feet. (All cats are splayed about the cattery and ARF office.)
Whiskers: Oh my gosh, is it hot!
Sadie: I think I’ve melted.
Pepper: I’m certainly glad that we are indoors, enjoying some cooler air.
Sadie: What about the dogs and cats that are stuck outside?
Pepper: I believe they are in danger of this oppressive heat.
Whiskers: Just as for humans, extreme weather of any kind can be dangerous.
Pepper: This may sound like a silly question, but can dogs get sunburned?
Whiskers: You bet they can! Sunburn is a danger for pets who spend time outdoors. Humans should use a pet-friendly sunscreen to protect pets from the sun’s harmful rays, which can cause skin cancer especially of the ears and nose.
Pepper: Really?
Whiskers: Of course. And did you know that animals are at particular risk for heat stroke if they are very old, very young, overweight, not conditioned to prolonged exercise, or have heart or respiratory disease? Some breeds of dogs — like boxers, pugs, shih tzus and other dogs and cats with short muzzles — will have a much harder time breathing in extreme heat.
Pepper: I’m afraid that humans don’t stop to think about these things.
Whiskers: That could be true. I think animals are thought to be equipped to handle the weather, no matter how extreme.
Pepper: Once ARF took in a dog during the summer who had been running the streets. He had third-degree burns on all four paws.
Sadie: Ouch!
Whiskers: ARF angels had to carry him with his bandaged paws because he had great difficulty and pain when walking.
Sadie: I hope this never happens again!
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