That’s Steve Shaw, center, operator of Idyllwild’s Rustic Theatre, handing out 60 passes to November cinemas to the two winning classes in enrolling members to the Parents Club of Idyllwild Elementary School. On the left is teacher Jerry Coulter with daughter Julie and Kenny Gilden and, on the right, teacher Mary Zo Judson and students George Olson and Terri Stauts. Photo ran Nov. 9, 1975. Town Crier archives

70 years ago - 1950
During the 1950 deer season, about 165 bucks were legally taken from the area. The total was about 30 fewer than the previous year.

65 years ago - 1955
The Town Crier celebrated its ninth anniversary “since that crisp Halloween in 1946 when the first issue was cranked out on a hand machine.”

60 years ago - 1960
The Idyllwild Republican Women’s Club paid for an advertisement in the Town Crier urging readers to support Richard Nixon.

55 years ago - 1965
A tentative budget of $10,000 was set for Town Hall and community recreation. Plans for street lighting were being drawn up.

50 years ago - 1970
Speakers at a Sierra Club conference at University of California, Riverside, spoke about Garner Valley’s smog, water pollution, land use, legal action and other aspects of environmental quality.

45 years ago - 1975
Mike Romney and Dee Davis of Mountain Tiffany House, a glassware shop, were making stained glass windows for the Idyllwild Community Church.

40 years ago - 1980
Plans for a new full-service restaurant in Idyllwild, including a bar and live entertainment, were disclosed. A public notice made it known that R. and E. Watts Inc. had applied to the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control for a license to operate a “general eating place” on the south side of Strawberry Creek Square.

35 years ago - 1985
Nearly 40 people participated in a search-and-rescue exercise the El Toro Marine Base helicopter conducted for the Idyllwild Fire Department at Camp Maranatha.

30 years ago - 1990
The Riverside County Board of Supervisors approved an interim-zoning ordinance that addressed controlled-growth areas on the Hill, limiting development on various properties occupied by private schools, camps and churches.

25 years ago - 1995
Fern Valley Water District’s application for the annexation of the Saunders Meadow area, which consisted of 57 properties, was approved by the Local Agency Formation Commission.

20 years ago - 2000
Hemet Unified School District administrators announced that Idyllwild School’s $3-million remodeling project was $1.5 million over budget, which caused the school to do without certain luxuries.

15 years ago - 2005
After a recent storm, Mountain Communities Fire Safe Council decided to contact at least a half-dozen nonresidential homeowners about possible fallen trees, roof damage and decapitated chimneys.
10 years ago - 2010
Brendan Steele may now be known as the “Cardiac Kid.” The Idyllwild native carried a 5-shot lead into Sunday’s final round of the Nationwide Tour Championship tournament, but needed a four-hole playoff to win it.

5 years ago - 2015
Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency due to the number of dead and dying trees resulting from the four-year drought.

1 year ago - 2019
A new television series for FX billed as “The Old Man,” starring Jeff Bridges, filmed in Idyllwild on Oct. 30, 2019.