Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats shared for what they are thankful.

Holly: I’m feeling just a little bit sad.
Willow: Why is that?
Holly: My three black kittens are still looking for their forever families. Whoever adopts them will be able to take them home close to Christmas. They are so cute.
Pepper: Oh Holly, don’t worry. Their cuteness will help them find the perfect families.
Willow: I’m a bit sad as well. One of my beautiful babies was returned because the daughter was very allergic.
Pepper: Oh no! That’s sad news.
Willow: The daughter was so very upset.
Holly: And isn’t that kitten the gray tabby with an orange-ish undercoat?
Willow: That’s the one. And she is old enough to go to her new home right now.
Pepper: I also heard that ARF has a wonderful new little dog.
Holly: Yes! His name is Puggy and here he is now.
Puggy: Hello pretty kitties! Yes, my name is Puggy, and no, I’m not a Pug.
Lulu: And I see that you like cats, yes?
Puggy: I like cats, dogs, kids. Oh heck, I like everyone. I’m about 7 years old and have been told I’m a chihuahua mix.
Whiskers: I heard your foster say that you are as close to a perfect dog as she’s ever seen.
Puggy: Well, I’m quiet, laid-back, housetrained and very affectionate.
Holly: I bet you would be great with a guardian who is home a lot.
Puggy: And one who wants company on the sofa! I like to snuggle.
Lulu: Then I’m guessing you’ll find your forever home pretty quickly.
Puggy: I certainly hope so. It would be nice for all of us to have a forever home for the holidays.
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