70 years ago - 1950
The Idyllwild Riding Club was going to present a Western show at the Idyllwild Stables arena.

65 years ago - 1955
“Music Round the Town,” the second of a series of 14 music books that Max Krone edited and Bee Krone, his wife, arranged, was published.

60 years ago - 1960
Idyllwild residents were rallying to help a family — two adults and seven children — whose house on Pine Crest Avenue burned. “While firemen played hoses on the ruins, neighbors invited the victims into their homes for shelter and breakfast,” said the author of the Town Crier article.

55 years ago - 1965
A young rodeo rider living in Mountain Center was termed “The Boy Who Can’t Be Thrown.” “Made about $3,000 in three months and was never bucked off,” the boy said.

50 years ago - 1970
Ending a long dry period, the Hill received 3 to 4 inches of snow. In the higher mountain elevations, the snowfall measured 12 inches.

45 years ago - 1975
County carpenter Frank Prather was blocking out steps leading down to a centuries-old Native American rock painting in order to make a cast concrete gallery.

40 years ago - 1980
Following one of the worst fire sieges in Southern California history, the forest opened in the San Jacinto Mountains and all local firefighting units returned to the Hill.
35 years ago - 1985
Idyllwild Water District was seeking a low-income water conservation loan of up to $1 million from the State Water Resources Department to replace lines.

30 years ago - 1990
Elliott-Pope Preparatory School (now AstroCamp) announced it would be closing after 60 years of preparing students for college.

25 years ago - 1995
In an effort to break away from the Hemet Unified School District, a group of organizers in Anza began collecting signatures to hold a feasibility study for a new school district.

20 years ago - 2000
The Soroptimists were starting their annual Christmas “love train” at Guaranty Federal Bank (now BBVA), which consisted of boxes people could fill with toys or food for needy families.

15 years ago - 2005                         Local cross-country runner Franklin Coopersmith made the California Interscholastic Federation Southern Section finals and represented Hemet High School in the 3-mile race.

10 years ago - 2010
The eagle had landed — and the bear, the mountain lion, the gecko and all the other creatures mantle carver David Roy envisioned and crafted. After more than a three-year wait, David Roy’s “Harmony” began its surprisingly brief and potentially perilous move from its carving site to the final destination in the village center.

5 years ago - 2015
California Department of Parks and Recreation rescued six people in three separate incidents over the four-day holiday.

1 year ago - 2019
The Art Alliance of Idyllwild (AAI) was grateful to the Ruth & Joseph C. Reed Foundation for a $10,000 grant. This grant allowed the AAI to benefit the youth of Idyllwild and beyond.