Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the cats met new ARF cats Metta and Triton.
Metta: This is a really nice place. It was fun to stay in the warm ARF house and watch the falling snow.
Whiskers: This is a wonderful temporary home but forever families are what we really need.
Triton: I get it. Hey, where is that cute little dog that was here last week? She really liked us cats.
Whiskers: That was Harper. She got adopted this last weekend.
Pepper: There was a lot of competition to take her home.
Sadie: I think she will be happy with this family and her new canine sibling.
Pepper: So, Harper is gone,and who is the new cat?
Whiskers: Guess you saw the new cat, yet another tuxedo.
Sadie: I’m thinking ARF has a great tuxedo cat club.
Marcel: (bounding into the room) Hi there! I’m Marcel, the newest cat. Oh! I see more tuxedos.
Sadie: Hi, Marcel. I’m Sadie, a fellow tuxedo.
Pepper: And I’m another tuxedo. Carly, who is here somewhere, is the other tuxedo. So now there are four of us.
Lulu: Hello, Marcel. I’ve heard the ARF humans talking about you and how very friendly you are.
Sadie: Not to mention how handsome!
Marcel: Aw, thanks. I really do like humans and look forward to meeting them.
Lulu: So do Triton and Metta.
Metta: Any one of the three of us would make a great office cat.
Pepper: All of you would! Hopefully you will have lots of visitors once the snow cooperates.
Lulu: If the weather is better this next weekend, are you all ready to woo visitors?
Metta: Of course, we are.
Triton: We’re looking forward to it.
Whiskers: I hope the phone rings off the hook with humans wanting appointments.
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