Last week in Days of Our Nine Lives, the ARF cats met three adorable puppies.
Stevie: I enjoy the quiet times here, but right now it’s just creepy.
Whiskers: Creepy as in too quiet?
Stevie: Yep, too quiet. Shouldn’t those puppies be making noise? And shouldn’t Fern be shushing them?
Pepper: Fern would be shushing them if she was here, but she’s not. She has been adopted!
Whiskers: Adopted? That is so great for Fern. I bet she will entertain her forever family every day.
Pepper: But we will miss her. And speaking of missing someone, where are those puppies?
Lulu: The puppies have also been adopted!
Whiskers: Holy catnip! What a busy weekend, busy with lots of adoptions.
Stevie: And what about that beautiful dog with the icy blue eyes?
Whiskers: Are you talking about Claire? She was adopted, too!
Lulu: Guess we will now have to get used to all this peace and quiet.
Pepper: Do you really think it will last?
Whiskers: I don’t. We will turn around and some new dogs or cats will be joining us.
Stevie: On the bright side, until that happens maybe some humans will pay more attention to us.
Pepper: Wouldn’t that be great.
Lulu: Just because we have been here a little while doesn’t make us any less adoptable.
Whiskers: Yeah! You tell ‘em Lulu!
Pepper: Humans just need to remember that we have our own personalities.
Stevie: And the only way to discover what is special about each of us can be learned only with a little time, caring and patience.
Lulu: And that time, caring, and patience will pay off in huge dividends.
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