By Riverside County

Riverside County’s new RivCo TV website will now stream upcoming Riverside County Board of Supervisors meetings, along with other public commission meetings, starting Tuesday, April 13.

The new website,, will take the place of the RivCo Livestream channel, which previously streamed the live board meetings. Those who regularly watch board meetings through the RivCo Livestream channel should update any saved bookmarks with the new link.

“This move will make watching our board meetings and other public commission meetings even easier,” said Board Chair Karen Spiegel, Second District Supervisor. “The business of the board of supervisors is the business of the public and I encourage residents to tune in.”

Residents can watch the streaming board meetings live on the homepage of, underneath the “Tune in Now” section. The site will also archive board and commission meetings for residents to watch anytime, on-demand.

There are still other ways to watch the Riverside County Board of Supervisors meetings, including through the Riverside County Clerk of the Board’s website, the Clerk of the Board’s Facebook page and the Riverside County meeting portal that includes the posted agenda.

The move to will not change the streaming or on-demand videos available on these sites.