Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the cats welcomed yet another new cat to the cattery.
Pepper: I think spring has sprung.
Whiskers: Does this mean we are all finished with the cold weather?
Pepper: Maybe, maybe not. You never know the weather for certain up here on the mountain.
Miss Kitty: I hope families with cats know how to care for us felines when it’s warm or hot.
Pepper: I hope they realize that cats can get overheated and that they know that conserving, rather than exerting energy during hot weather helps keep their core temperature down so they don’t overheat.
Stevie: That is really good to know, especially when a person’s cat goes missing during the hot day.
Shorty: Often I seek out shaded areas like under the bed or a closet where I can stay out of direct sunlight.
Miss Kitty: And I wonder if humans realize that we cats groom ourselves more. Because we can’t sweat as humans do, we groom to keep ourselves cool. Do they know that as we groom during hot weather, our saliva evaporates off our fur, cooling us down just like evaporating sweat cools them?
Stevie: If they didn’t know, they know now!
Miss Kitty: And they might be surprised to learn that our fur has insulating properties that help regulate our body temperature.
Stevie: So really, we are already set for summer weather.
Lulu: Mother Nature is clever, yes?
Stevie: Yes, we are all set. But it would be good for cat guardians to brush us regularly to help remove any excessive undercoat.
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