This letter is an attempt to set the clock back about 10 days. I have always had a good relationship with the Town Crier, but this time I blew it.

In my e-mails to Becky, informing her the Summer Concerts were no longer going to advertise, I wrongly suggested that Ken Dahleen had made that decision, when in fact it was a joint decision of the Summer Concert board.

I am a member of that board and agreed to the motion of not placing ads. Our reasoning was simple: Creating an ad every week was one more thing on our already full plates and I, for one, was thrilled to no longer have that weekly deadline. Our decision was in no way intended to alienate the TC.

For the past 18 years, the TC has graciously given up revenue-producing ad space in exchange for a concert sponsorship. No ads, no sponsorship. Our decision was not thought through and was a disgraceful way to treat a long-standing,  mutually beneficial relationship. I sincerely apologize, to Becky, Jack, the TC staff and to Ken.

In point of fact, the TC has consistently offered to create our ads for us, especially when the deadline was imminent and I had fallen behind. I’m hopeful that this situation can somehow be rectified.

The Summer Concerts are a highlight of summer activity in Idyllwild. Without Ken Dahleen and our generous sponsors, including the Town Crier, there would be no Summer Concerts.

Pete Holzman