Businesses in our community are reopening now.
Our restaurants are more populated — especially on weekends — and they are striving to bring their staffing up to normal levels. So, now is the time to advertise positions available to future employees and business hours, menus and specials to new customers.
And, with visitors filling our streets on weekends again, inns are advertising their accommodations, and shops are advertising their wares.
Contractors are advertising for renewed business as folk are willing to allow outside people in their homes again.
Mandy Johnson, the Town Crier office manager, is an excellent display ad designer. Reach her at [email protected] or at the Town Crier office: 951-659-2145. And please contact Mandy for Service Directory ads, classifieds and legal notices, as well.
The Town Crier will be an active part of our community’s recovery. The best of good fortune to you all!