“She was the center of our little family” was the way granddaughter Danielle (Dani) Appleby described her Grandma Pat Wilson.
Paddy was born an Irish girl with red hair and blue eyes in coal country Pike County, Kentucky to Willard Charles and Julia Finnegan. She came to California with her mom and siblings at a young age.
Paddy was a mother to two daughters Michelle and Sandy and stepchildren Eddie and Maija Sanders. She was a second mom to Dani because Dani’s mom, Michelle, worked so much. Dani remembers Grandma making endless amounts of time to read and paint with her and taught her to be kind to all people. She also made Dani eat her veggies and encouraged her church attendance.
Paddy liked Chanel No. 5, lavender and vanilla, the color green and all types of music. She was especially fond of her dog Miss Boo Boo.
Dani recalled Grandma swore off all men after the passing of her husband Ed Sanders. She moved to Lake Hemet and soon met John Wilson but had no interest in him. He chased her “like crazy,” even having a stroke and temporary amnesia. In the hospital, John asked for her to come see him. John recovered and remembered everything. Dani loved how he showed her what a good husband and stable family could be. Grandma and Grandpa John Wilson never missed a choir recital or play involving Dani. They took her to doctor’s appointments and helped with her homework.
Patricia Wilson was predeceased by her parents, her husband Ed Sanders and her daughter Michelle Giordani. Left to cherish her memory are her husband John Wilson; daughter Sandy (Jeremy) French and grandson Austin; stepson Eddie (Joy) Sanders and granddaughter Angela; stepdaughter Maija Sanders and daughter Veronica and her granddaughter Danielle Appleby (Cory) and great-grandsons Emery and Renlee Appleby.
A memorial was held Father’s Day at Lake Hemet.