By Janice Murasko
Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats talked about their holiday wish list.
Phil: That was a lovely holiday weekend.
Whiskers: Even though it was very quiet in here.
Don: That is because the ARF human volunteers deserved a weekend off.
Whiskers: But they still made sure that we were cared for.
Don: Are Claire and Cookie still ARF dogs?
Pepper: They are. Claire got to go off the Hill with her foster for a great Christmas gathering.
Phil: What about Cookie?
Pepper: She is with her foster, also off the Hill for a few days.
Lulu: Do we have any potential adopters?
Harley: We do. Claire met a couple last week, and Cookie has two interested in her.
Lulu: I hope something works out for both.
Phil: And for us as well.
Harley: Maybe a Christmas miracle will happen, and we will all find homes.
Phil: It might be a bit late for a Christmas miracle, so how about a new year miracle?
Harley: That would be just as good.
Pepper: Then let’s cross our fingers and toes for that.
Lulu: What a wonderful way to start 2022.
Be sure to keep up with the animal antics of “Days of our Nine Lives” each week. And please stop in to say hello to the entire adoptable cast at the ARF House, 26890 Highway 243. ARF is open Saturdays 10 a.m.-3 p.m., Sundays 10 a.m.-2 p.m., and during the week by appointment. Please call 951-659-1122.
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