By Janice Murasko
Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats talked about adoptions.
Phil: Wow! More big news!
Harley: OK, who was adopted now?
Phil: The puppy Willie has a new home, and there sort of were two adoptions, and sort of five new kittens.
Whiskers: Huh? I don’t get it.
Phil: So ARF took in five kittens, with their mom. Mom is going back to the kind woman who brought in the mom and litter, so that leaves ARF with five babies. But already two of the five have been spoken for. The two girls have been adopted, leaving three boys.
Harley: Who are the boys?
Phil: They are three gray sweethearts — Corona, Cardiff and Carmel.
Don: Mom looks like a Russian Blue.
Phil: Could be. They are so sweet. Because they’re only 4 weeks old, they won’t be able to go to any adopter for another four weeks.
Don: So a loving human may meet them, submit an application and a deposit, and “reserve” one of them?
Pepper: That’s right!
Harley: What about the dogs Sparkle (now Pepper) and Sable (now Sadie)?
Whiskers: They are looking for their forever homes.
Pepper: They’re only 8 months old, but pretty darned mellow.
Harley: And they are very affectionate. Being under 15 pounds each, they like to cuddle, kind of like lap dogs.
Don: And I’ve been told they are good with cats and other dogs.
Phil: So once again, I’d say ARF has a loving four-legged for any and everyone!
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