The northeast side of Jean Peak. Photo by Mark Dean

By Mark Dean

I’ve lived in Idyllwild for much of my life, but never in my wildest dreams imagined the amazing extreme adventures hidden in our mountains.
Recently, I started a hike from Humber Park to San Jacinto Peak, a normal hike for me, but only to hear along the way from other hikers how crowded it was at the peak.
As I pondered what to do toward the final ascent, the northeast face of Jean’s Peak looked beckoning. With micro spikes and poles, I started up the snow-covered face of Jean Peak instead.
It was spectacular. I’d heard about glissading down Mount Shasta from friends but had never tried it myself. So, I wrapped my rain jacket around my waist, sat down on the snow, and slid back down the mountain with amazing speed.
The hike up took about 45 minutes, the slide down took about three minutes. What an amazing rush that was. My adrenaline was up for the entire hike back.
As I neared Humber Park, I looked up and saw a few rock climbers on the face of Tahquitz Rock.
The place we live is so majestic and wonderful. I woke the next morning with a whole new appreciation for where we live.