75 years ago - 1947
Idyllwild School faced a crisis. There wasn’t enough room to accommodate the anticipated enrollment of 125 kids.
• • •
“Alexander’s Ragtime Band,” starring Tyronne Power, Don Ameche and Alice Faye, was luring customers to the Rustic Theatre.

70 years ago - 1952
More than 100 people from Monogram Studios invaded Idyllwild to film “Northwest Mounted Police.” James Craig and Reginald Denny were in the cast.

65 years ago - 1957
At Tahquitz Lake Estates, Tract No. 1 was substantially sold out. The developers were asking the Forest Service to help choose a location for a heliport for property owners there.

60 years ago - 1962
An end to the long legal battle over liquor in Idyllwild seemed apparent when the Idyllwild Protection League withdrew its opposition to three licenses.

55 years ago - 1967
Idyllwild Summer School students took a trip to the San Diego Zoo. Their guide pointed out a high fence that he said was to keep out the most dangerous of all animals, the American teenager. Another, he said, was to keep the American road hog in his place.

50 years ago - 1972
Howard Jordan replaced Cliff Hagenbach on the Pine Cove Property Owners Association board.

45 years ago - 1977
The Institute for Advanced Musical Studies’ deal with USC-ISOMATA (now Idyllwild Arts) to relocate to and use the local campus during the winter months fell through.

40 years ago - 1982
The annual closure of high fire-hazard watershed areas in the San Bernardino National Forest began. The closure was coming about a month later than normal because of wet weather.

35 years ago - 1987
Local youth formed an organization called Hobo Skates, dedicated to finding a place in Idyllwild where youth could meet and skate legally.

30 years ago - 1992
Residents were concerned about using Lindane and a health hazard of using it. Lindane was a pesticide being used to treat trees for bark beetles.

25 years ago - 1997
Hemet Unified School District was considering a $36 million bond measure.

20 years ago - 2002
Residents were donating water to make sure the community Christmas tree, located on Jo’An’s Restaurant’s property, survived the drought and the Stage 3 water conservation.

15 years ago - 2007
Three years and nine days after burning down, Arriba Mexican Restaurant reopened to a priest’s quiet blessing and an energetic mariachi fanfare.

10 years ago - 2012
With 70 felony property crimes reported from Jan. 1 to Aug. 11 in Idyllwild and Pine Cove, concerned residents were rapidly convening to form Neighborhood Watch groups.

5 years ago - 2017
A total solar eclipse passed across the continental United States and though total eclipses are not rare, one passing across the U.S. is not common. The last opportunity was in 1979.

1 year ago - 2021
Customers who wanted to dine under the full moon with live music and in the company of others, could check out the Full Moon Dinners at Leanna’s Idyll Awhile.