By Janice Murasko
Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” new ARF cats had fun creating a poem.
Phil: Let’s continue to have fun, OK?
Atlas: Yes! I love having fun.
Phil: Of course, you’re a kitten. Let’s see who can win the dog summer safety quiz.
Buffie: Dog? But we’re cats!
Phil: But everyone should know how to care for all pets in all types of weather. Question number one: True or false? It’s important to keep your dog hydrated, but you shouldn’t give them more water than usual when they’re playing in the sun.
Harley: Oooh, good question. I’m guessing this is true.
Phil: It’s false! Hydration helps prevent your dog’s body from overheating. Keep a bowl of water filled in the shade for when he is playing outside.
Candy: I have one! True or false? There’s no need to shorten your dog’s exercise routine during a heatwave.
Atlas: I know! I know! False!
Phil: Right! Keep your pups refreshed by taking them on shorter walks and exercise sessions in the heat.
Pepper: Here’s one. True or false? On hot days, the best times to exercise your dog are in the evening and early morning.
Phil: I think that’s an easy one. True.
Pepper: Correct! Let them exercise outside toward the beginning or end of the day when the weather is cooler.
Cuddles: Enough of the easy questions. Here is a multiple choice: Which of the following are signs of heatstroke?
A. excessive panting
B. color change in the gums or tongue of your pet
C. lethargic or unconscious
D. all of the above.
Don: Heatstroke sounds dangerous. I’m guessing the answer is D, all of the above.
Cuddles: Right! Heat stroke is a serious condition that can kill dogs within a matter of minutes, so get them cooled down!
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