The Quiet Creek Inn grounds. Photo courtesy of the Quiet creek inn

The Quiet Creek Inn has new owners, Newport Beach-based FR Health, and will now be a private retreat for first responders and therapists who work with them, to be known as Eagle Creek.
Kim Hudson, the local contractor in charge of the transition from inn to retreat, told the Crier: “The new owners, FR Health, are thrilled to become part of the historic and unique Idyllwild community, having carefully chosen this location for its tranquil setting to nurture peace, serenity and healing — bringing with them years of experience serving first responders (fire, police, emergency medical, corrections, etc.) to host wellness retreats and training for those individuals serving our communities. They look forward to opening their doors not only to first responders but also to Idyllwild’s local groups, healers and neighborhood associations. “
FR Health provides training for mental health professionals to learn more about the unique needs of first responders through workshops and courses, and retreats for first responders and those close to them. These retreats include “Sage” for first responder spouses and significant others, “Restoration and Reflection” for those who serve on public safety peer support teams and “Trauma and Resilience” for public safety professionals.
The principal officers of FR Health include owner Joel Edwards, lead clinician Dr. Stephen Odom and Devin O’Day, who founded a mental health residential treatment center in 2015. Edwards spoke to the Crier recently.
TC: “You are training therapists?”
JE: “Ongoing training, yes. Cultural competency for working with first responders.”
TC: “And first responders themselves will be coming for retreats?”
JE: “Yes.”
TC: “Is this your first retreat property?”
JE: “The first we actually own. In the past we’ve usually done Airbnb. We looked at several properties. Quiet Creek served the needs we had been looking for.”
TC: “What brought you to Idyllwild?”
JE: “We ‘found’ Idyllwild after an exhaustive search of locations that were in mountain towns and were close to … the needed resources to help support the first responders and their families we help as well as provide a healing and restorative environment in nature.”
TC: “It’s a big step. Any thoughts about opening your own retreat?”
JE: “We are excited to have a dedicated first responders retreat and wellness center. There are plenty of wellness centers, even in Idyllwild, but nothing that caters to first responders only. We are excited to be part of [the] Idyllwild community and hope to be able to utilize local resources to provide services we need.”
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