By Janice Murasko
Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” new ARF cats talked about costumes for pets.
Phil: It was a quiet weekend, wasn’t it?
Atlas: Yes, except for Newton and me. We wrestled quite a bit.
Don: You two are so funny. You’d be great in a home with younger people who like to play.
Newton: Heck, yea! Two people were in on Sunday and found me irresistible. They kept cuddling with me and playing with me. Ahh. It was so nice.
Phil: So, for an active family we have Newton and Atlas. But you know, Don and I really like to play.
Don: And we’re friendly on top of that!
Cuddles: Well, I’m here for the person who wants a beautiful cat to pose on his lap.
Phil: Yeah, that’s you Cuddles.
Atlas: Guess what! I know a Halloween poem that would be so appropriate this week.
Newton: Yippee! I love poems, and I love Halloween. Let’s hear it.
Cuddles: Atlas, you interrupted our discussion about how great we are!
Atlas: Sorry, Cuddles, but I’m so excited about my creation. Here goes:
Ghosts are scary
Dracula, too
Frankenstein’s monster
Will frighten you!
ARF cats wait here
Watching the show,
Hoping to meet you
With you they’ll go!
Pepper: Eh, not bad Atlas.
Cuddles: That’s really pretty good for a kid!
Atlas: Yeah. Cut me a break. I’m not even a year old!
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