Another Point of View: Liberty or despotism

Viktor Frankl once said he liked the idea of the Statue of Liberty on the East Coast, but that it should be counterbalanced by...

Practicing the art of the possible: Still hoping

Last Wednesday, I attended the discussion group that Hill residents Conor O’Farrell and Mark Yardas organized. It was my second time. Perhaps, like others, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go, but I was curious.

Practicing the art of the possible: Gathering of the minds

When Conor [O’Farrell] asked me to write briefly about my thoughts on the bimonthly discussion group, I was a little stumped as to what to say, unusual for me. So, I guess I’ll just tell why I got involved.

Opinion: Who needs a community center? Build a park

I’ve worked on some major developments, both nonprofit and profit. I have a keen sense of this neighborhood — who we are and what...

Opinion: Don’t let them fool you

There is a distinct difference between what America is and what the government of America is. Some of the unwise have recently argued that the U.S. government is our friend. Those same folks have projected feelings of dislike and shame toward America, her people and our history. The problems are not with the liberals as people, the problem is with liberalism as a part of governmental policy.