Clifford G. Dorn, born in New Jersey on June 9, 1947, passed away April 15, 2010 at his home on Morris Ranch Road in Garner Valley.

He served in the United States Army as a survival and artillery specialist, worked for the U.S. Forest Service as a fire lookout at the Tahquitz Lookout Tower and also built and maintained portions of the Pacific Crest Trail. He owned Pacific Crest Equipment and Clifford Dorn & Associates in the mid ’70s. He was a teacher and instructor of rock climbing and martial arts as well as a rancher, miner, trail and hunting guide, survivalist and entrepreneur.

He is survived by his parents, Clifford Sr. and Grace Dorn, sister Christine and brother Calvin Dorn, and numerous friends from a broad spectrum.

A celebration of his life is being planned and will be announced. He was truly a friend, teacher and mentor and will be missed by all whose life he touched. Whether you knew him for 50 years or one day, he was a man you’d never forget.


  1. I’m sorry to hear this… I knew Clifford and Daphne back in 1981. What an impression he left on me. He’s someone one never forgets, really wish I was around earlier to speak to him again.
    I’m back in the area after decades, I’m from the Big Island and am now working up here. I was hoping to contact Clifford and Daphne and Mitch Regal. Please let me know if there is way contact anyone. Memories are so great of those days.