Jim Crandall, club handicap chairman, gave the following report on this month’s regular Palms to Pines Golf Association tournament, Friday, July 15, at the Golf Club at Soboba Springs in San Jacinto.

The day was beautiful with mild temperatures and the course was in pretty good shape with fast greens. Carl Cardinalli (course handicap 11) and Tony Viola (20) tied for first place with net 69s. Bob Stearns (22) was alone in third with a net 71. There was a three-way tie for fourth place between John Brower (11), Gary Leong (15) and John LoGiudice (20).

Leong also got an eagle on the 16th hole to win a special prize. Gary Brown shot closest to the pin on the 4th hole; Cardinalli got the KP on the 8th hole, and Mike Feyder got the KP on the 15th hole. Chuck Alkire won for longest drive.

This tournament determined the final eight top finishers of the season who will compete in match play playoffs over the next three months for the title of Palms to Pines Golf Association Club Champion. The Club Champ will then play in the Southern California Tournament of Club Champions in December.

Here are the current point standings:
Place Golfer Points
1 Bob Stearns 29.5
2 Les Widerynski 26.2
3 Gary Leong 21.5
4 Bill Ragland 18.5
5 Greg Piersol 18.2
6 Pete Capparelli 18.0
7 Mike Fedyer 13.5
8 John Brower 11.7
9 Tony Viola 10.5
10 John LoGiudice 10.2
11 Herk McClellan 9.5
12 Robert Priefer 9.5
13 Chuck Alkire 8.5
14 Gary Brown 7
15 Dan Slattery 6.5
16 Jim Crandall 6.2
17 Carl Cardinalli 5.5
18 Dale Calderon 4.5
19 Gary Minor 2.5
20 John McAndrews 1.5
21 Rick Aronson 1
tied Walter Reeves .5
22 James White .5
Jeff White .5
tied Shane Fender 0
25 Dave Robb 0

The first round of playoffs begin in August. Top seed Stearns will face eighth seed Brower. The other pairings are Les Widerynski (2) vs. Feyder (7), Leong (3) vs. Pete Capparelli (6), and Bill Ragland (4) vs. Greg Piersol (5).

Anyone interested in joining the club or playing as a guest, should contact Jim Crandall via email at [email protected] or call him at (951) 265-5732, or Pete Capparelli via email at [email protected] or call him at (951) 452-5552.