When I moved to Idyllwild in 1993, taking bags to the Transfer Station was not a problem.

The recycle products went into a long white box with three doors on the side for access. Today, a commercial dumpster rests in its place with an open top and sides one needs to breach that are more than 6 feet higher than where we stand on the asphalt. When they first put an open top dumpster in this location, it had far lower sides.

Although it may be difficult for Waste Management to comprehend, what they are providing is a public service. Hefting a bag of recyclable items over a 6-foot wall is an extreme difficulty for many of us and it is an insult to those of us who pay taxes for the service.

There must be an arm of the County of Riverside that can and will deal with this difficult issue to make a trip to the “dump” a more pleasant experience.

Larry Kueneman