IDY doesn’t need any more bars. We’re good. Why add another when businesses are folding? The “Wine Finch” will be the 21st Beer/Wine license on the hill. How much more alcohol needs to be served for this place to make it? How is their new bartender going to make any tips competing with 20 other places that serve, plus all the full bars (hard alcohol) we have in town? 20 should be the new cap.
When I moved up in 2001, I worked in the service industry because you could make good money. Now it is spread too thin. Back then, the ABC (California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control) had a limit to how many licenses there were on the hill and one had to be given up before you could get one. Now the County hands them out with NO LIMITS because they make a lot of money on them. That’s why I think we have too many now. Tourists and locals can only support so much. Don’t add more.
The County will make money but this new business will cut into all the other bars’s bottom line. Plus the “Wine Finch” money will go to Long Beach. Who does that help here? Furthermore this will add more buzzed and drunk people on our crazy mountain roads. I think we’re good on that too. Enough is enough. Cap it at 20.
Watcha think, Chuck?
Colin Smith