Having lived on Cedar Glen for 10 years, we have always been worried about the unimproved lot next door to us never having had any abatement done.  

Recently, I sent an email to Idyllwild Fire Protection District (IFPD) Chief Mark LaMont and the past president of the IFPD board Jerry Buchanan asking for both contact information on the property owners of that lot along with requesting that they take action regarding abatement enforcement as this lot would cause our entire neighborhood go up in flames if one single spark found its way to any part of it.  

When IFPD does their abatement drive-by of properties in our neighborhood, it is just that — a drive-by much like a peacock spreading its feathers for affect rather than actually doing abatement enforcement.  

We have observed the truck driving by. The guys might get out and maybe walk the front of the property but that’s it. As a resident sending an email of concern to the chief and the board president, I have not even the courtesy of a response. Nothing! 

This lack of follow-through and response to our property owners in the IFPD area of responsibility is unacceptable, incompetent and blatantly an example of a lack of leadership. 

Chuck Weisbart

Palm Desert & Idyllwild