Robert Lewis, Town Hall recreation director, gave this report on Town Hall Youth Basketball.

Division 1 (ages 6-9)
On Tuesday, Feb. 26, the #1 seed Idyllwild Pizza Co. Raptors played the #4 seed Village Market Clippers. Tate Donovan had a good game for the Clippers with a bucket and pulled down many rebounds for the Clippers. However, Rory Lovet Jensen had the hot hand for the Raptors with 12 points as they beat the Clippers 18-2.
In the second game, the #3 seed Idyology Celtics played the #2 seed American Legion Lakers. This was a very good game as Ashlyn Wilkerson had a bucket and played good defense for the Celtics. Riley Smith had a very good game for the Lakers with 8 points, but it wasn’t quite enough as the Celtics advanced to the championship game with a 23-18 win over the Lakers.
On Friday, March 1, the American Legion Lakers played the Village Market Clippers. It was a close game in the first half with Andrea Lopez making a 3-pointer for the Clippers. In the second half, Kaylee Gage got the upper hand and scored 6 points as the Lakers got third place with a 15-7 win over the Clippers.
The championship game was very exciting and came down to the final possession of the game. Darius Esparza was hot all game long with 22 points for the Celtics. However, the Raptors had a good game from Roger Gonzalez with 12 points and Danielle Rodriguez got her first bucket of the season as the Raptors squeezed by the Celtics 24-22 and are champions of Division 1.

Division 2 (ages 10-13)
The #1 seed Fairway Market Rockets played the #4 seed Idyology Kings. The Kings jumped out to an early 10-2 lead thanks to Dane Mock scoring 8 points for the Kings in the first quarter.
In the third quarter, Cody Fogle got hot with 10 points and the Rockets held off the Kings 30-19 to advance to the championship game.
In the second game, the #3 seed Acumen Tree Service Warriors took on the #2 seed Higher Grounds Coffee House Lakers. Christian Gonzalez had a good game for the Lakers with 8 points, but Finn Carpenter also had a good game for the Warriors with 4 points and played good defense as the Warriors upset the Lakers 24-16.
On Friday, March 1, the Higher Grounds Coffee House Lakers hosted the Idyology Kings for third place. This game went back and forth all game long. Tyler Reeves played a great game for the Kings with 10 points and played tenacious defense. The Lakers countered back with Ethan Sheppard scoring 16 points, including 4 in the fourth quarter as the Lakers barely hung on for a 29-28 win over the Kings.
In the championship game, the Fairway Market Rockets played the Acumen Tree Service Warriors and this game came down to the wire. Cameron Gage played a good game for the Rockets with 5 points and passed the ball very well to his teammates getting many assists.
The Warriors got a good game from Skyler Kraemer with 17 points, but it wasn’t quite enough as the Rockets won the championship with a 23-21 thrilling victory over the Warriors.
This was another great, fun filled Youth Basketball season. I appreciate all the parents of the players for driving their kids to practices and games throughout this most challenging inclement weather that we endured this season.
I also appreciate all the coaches for their dedication and commitment for developing their players and teaching them sportsmanship throughout the season.
I appreciate all the sponsors for their financial assistance that keeps the costs down for the parents so all players can have a great basketball experience.
Last, but not least, I appreciate Jessica and Brennen Priefer, and Rachel Teeguarden for being there throughout the season, bringing your fun-loving attitudes and passion to the gym. I couldn’t have done this season without you (like all the others too). I know I’m speaking for all the parents, coaches, players and myself.