Paws up to Bobbi, the applehead Chihuahua, for prancing his way into his forever home. And three meows to Dawn, Dusk and Leonardo as they all will be purring together in their new forever home too.


Well hello, Missy, and welcome back. Does anyone want to play with me? A young energetic aussie/pointer mix, Missy has many qualities. She loves to play fetch, even if it’s to retrieve a rock. Running, walking, and riding in the car are her greatest loves. With endless energy, her world is all about playing with you, pleasing you, playing with you, and then maybe playing with you again. Good energy with other canines, she is still testing the waters with the feline crowd. But she is all about the two-legged crowd, leaning more towards the females. Missy is a strong-willed puppy, and with more training, she will be a fast learner with only two things in mind: to please her owner and to play.

Riley prefers the ride in the car, windows down, of course. She is a young female german shepherd mix, full of energy. All four paws are ready to go for the walk too, as she is very good on the leash. Riley would prefer an energetic, balanced home as she is still learning commands. With pride, she wears her pack, always eager for a hike.

Can you make Annie fall for you? Capable of trust and love, she is wondering who will be the lucky person that will enjoy her snuggles in the cold days ahead. Annie is good with other dogs and cats, and absolutely loves sweaters. She is a min pin/Chihuahua mix about 1-1⁄2 years old.

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