Thursday night, Feb. 2 brought plenty of action to Idyllwild School where the Gators and the Wolverines played a very close game, which the Gators won 14-12. Gators seen here are Cole Sonnier (No. 5), Lilah Whitney (No. 4), Preston Pino, Katelyn Sonnier and Reece Whitney. Wolverines include Mecino Reynosa (No. 4), Ethan Teeguarden (No. 12) and Layton Teeguarden. Photo by Cid Castillo

Town Hall Sports Coordinator Jeremy Teeguarden reported on youth basketball for both the College League (kindergarten through third-grade) and the Pro League (third- through sixth-grade) for the week of Jan. 30.

College League (Kindergarten through third-grade)
Thursday night, Feb. 2, the College league had two games.

The Blue Devils wore white as they played against the Wildcats in blue at their game on Thursday, Feb. 2. Blue Devil Fiona McMullen (No. 10) swishes a ball through the basket as team member Brian Mayberry waits for the ball under the basket. Wildcats include Jessa Smith (No. 1), Cody Fogle (No. 3) and Grace McKimson (No. 2). The Wildcats won 20-14.

In the first game, the Gastrognome Gators and the Idyllwild Vacation Rentals Wolverines met. The Gators jumped out to an early lead in the first half. Cole Sonnier and Ryder Dittman played hard for their teams. At the end, the Wolverines trailed and just missed a game tying shot at the buzzer. The Gators won 14-12

The second game matched the Rotary Wildcats against the Village Hardware Blue Devils. The Blue Devils played great in the first half thanks to Nikki Fletcher’s tough defense. The Wildcats came storming back in the second as Oden Johnston scored a big basket helping the Wildcats win 20-14.

Friday night started with the Gastrognome Gators and the Village Hardware Blue Devils. The game was close from start to finish. Jessa Smith and Lucy Tate hustled all over on defense for their teams. The Gators got hot in the final period and won 25-21.

The second game Friday night pitted the Idyllwild Vacation Rentals Wolverines against the Rotary Wildcats. Macino Reynosa and Timothy Lowe hustled on defense for their teams all game. The game was close most of the game as the Wildcats went on to win 18-13.

Team Wins Losses
Rotary Wildcats 6 1
Gastrognome Gators 6 1
Village Hardware Blue Devils 2 5
Idyllwild Vacation Wolverines 0 7