vbGinger Dagnall, volleyball coordinator, gave this report on last week’s volleyball games:

• Monday, Jan. 13, Forest Lumber beat Café Aroma in three games.
• Tuesday, Jan. 14, Idyllwild Inn beat Silver Pines in four games.
• Wednesday, Jan. 15, Forest Lumber beat Higher Grounds in three games.
• Thursday, Jan. 16, Silver Pines beat Café Aroma in three games.

Standings as of Jan. 16
Wins,    Losses
Forest Lumber     5,    0
Idyllwild Inn     5,    1
Silver Pines     4,    2
Idyllwild Garage     2,    3
Higher Grounds     0,    5
Café Aroma     0,    5

Saturday, Jan. 25, will include a full day of volleyball games and possibly music, according to Dagnall.

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