The Idyllwild Community Recreation Council began the fall with great hopes for a number of new and resurrected recreation projects. As described at its Feb. 13 board meeting, the winter has been one of challenges and disappointments in which projects did not materialize as the board had hoped,

A privately operated ice rink, which was to have opened Thanksgiving weekend on the Idyllwild Community Center site, never opened. Operator Gary Steven cited equipment failure. The site has not yet been completely cleared of Steven’s equipment and materials. At the meeting, the board reported that Steven has an outstanding bill of more than $1,400 for water and power used during his attempts to create the rink.

Judith Schonebaum, the board’s Community Arts Network liaison, said that Apple Blossom Inn owners had rescinded an offer of space for an arts studio — a space that she and her volunteers had been preparing for opening to the public. She reported that donated equipment and supplies have been safely placed in storage. Schonebaum is looking for new space. An Artist’s Potluck at the Caine Learning Center remains scheduled for 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 19.

Board member Cheryl Vladika reported that keeping the skate park staffed continues to be a problem. She has submitted a grant request to the Morongo Band of Mission Indians that she hopes will fund park staffing. Vladika said she should hear on the approval of her grant next week. She said she and board member Claudia Posey have been staffing the park, but both work and can’t commit to the hours necessary to keep the park open on a regular schedule. Vladika announced another volunteer, Annie Weaver, has agreed to staff the park part-time.

Although the board has discussed having the park remain opened and unstaffed, which Posey said other communities do and insurance policies allow, Vladika said she did not think that is a good idea and hopes to fund staffing through her grant.

The popular ICRC Speaker’s Series is funded and ongoing and the Idyllwil Community Center playground project remains on track. Almost fully funded, the playground will be built June 13 through 17 by community participants. “We’re still looking for builders, captains, and artists to help with the project,” said ICC Vice President Dawn Sonnier.