About 45 citizens or residents attended Supervisor Stone’s Public Safety Summit last night.

In my opinion, it wasn’t a great turnout. He and his staff put a lot of effort into developing the agenda and getting county officials to come to Idyllwild.

You can read Marshall’s story here for details on who represented each agency. At the end of the story, you can find names and phone numbers to contact if you have public safety problems or concerns.

Since there were significantly less people than at the March 24 session with Capt. Scot Collins of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, I initially thought this confirmed the long standing problem of getting locals to attend weekday evening meetings, such as the water districts or fire district.

But Grace quickly pointed out that Collins’ Saturday meeting was a conflict for the town’s businesses. They were open and busy that day. But most businesses, except for the restaurants and grocery stores, were closed Monday evening.

But I again extend my thanks to the many Pine Cove residents who did take the trouble to drive all the way here. At least one-third of the audience was composed of “Cove” residents.

If my disappointment annoys you, I suggest you flip to page 2 in the Town Crier and read the most recent “News of record.”

Collins, who returned for Stone’s summit, said, the “crime surge is continuing here. It went to about five reports every month, now about four every two weeks.”

He quickly stressed that these were property crimes, not crimes of violence.

He also stressed that in a community this small, he believes someone must have some ideas about who the perpetrators are.

Stone and Collins are committed to keeping Idyllwild safe; what are you doing to help your neighbors?

County Fire Chief John Hawkins said that the county’s number one fear is an earthquake. Therefore, you might want to attend Mountain Disaster Preparedness’s earthquake drill Saturday morning. It takes place at 9:30 a.m. at DAS H, at the end of Tollgate at the entrance to Idyllwild Arts. If you have questions, email [email protected].