Here’s my first and maybe last letter. I’ve read similar letters on the same topic and it’s clear the complaints have been blown off.

Presumably it doesn’t matter to the owners, but this doesn’t lessen the unhappiness and ill will it creates in the community toward this restaurant.

So, today is Saturday, May 5, and I’m manning our village business for the weekend as I have for the last few weeks.

I have some nice music playing in the gallery and just outside the front door, but from inside and outside the front doors, and from anywhere else in the village I hear loudly — not just a little, but LOUDLY — the live music from Jo’An’s patio.

I like all kinds of music, Jo’An’s included, but really, this is obnoxious. It imposes upon every other business, their customers, and any other town visitors, the particular music and volume that Jo’An’s chooses to impose on the rest of us.

I’m not a complainer and I’m pretty friendly with everyone I know, but it’s becoming personal and a detriment to my business.

I’ve never had an interest in contacting the county to issue complaints on the routine ordinance infraction but I’m new to spending time in the village on weekends. Starting next week I will … regularly.

Come on, Jo’An’s, please stop disrespecting or, if you will, blowing off a good part of the town of which you’re a member. You are, aren’t you? You’re not the only ones who are trying to make a living here and are trying to enjoy parts of Idyllwild that do not include your restaurant and patio.

Mike Ahern