On May 3, the Riverside County district attorney filed a felony charge for unlawful possession of a controlled substance against Idyllwild resident Arthur L. DeRoss. A second charge for misdemeanor being under the influence was also filed.

DeRoss pleaded not guilty to both. A felony settlement conference has been scheduled for June 19. Meanwhile DeRoss is released on his own recognizance.

Riverside County Sheriff’s deputies arrested DeRoss during a drug-related investigation of a home in the 26800 block of Highway 243. He and Hemet resident Terri Jane McCoy, 39, were both arrested on March 28. Her charge was filed as misdemeanor being under the influence and she also has been released.


  1. When will the good people of Idyllwild open their eyes and realize, this place is right next to our childrens school. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to take one look at the place and know something is up. When will we say enough is enough and take action against the people responsible? What more is it going to take before something is done?

      • I think that pressure on the HOME OWNER would be a good start, I mean the guy lives RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the place, traffic all hours of the night, skanks and tweakers running around, used car lot, and crap for sale out front. I have already placed a complaint with Code Enforcement. The police are WELL aware of the drug dealing and using there…it's a matter of time. They GOT Ronnie…that place is next. And Ace…how's business after your truck was photographed in the "parking lot" after the first bust? My recomendation would be NOT to park there for weeks on end with your business logo on the door…sets you up for failure dude. small towns talk…and you definately are a part of the conversation.