Dr. Robert Orr in front of Fern Creek Medical Center. Photo by Marshall Smith

Dr. Ken Browning, Fern Creek Medical Center proprietor, has added the services of North County San Diego cardiologist Dr. Robert Orr. Browning’s plan is to provide full service medical care, including cardiology tests, on the Hill so that patients do not have to leave the Hill for many medical needs.

Orr, whose practice in Vista is called California Coastal Cardiology, brings an impressive background to his primarily weekend practice in Idyllwild. He completed his residency at New York Medical College, Cabrini Medical Center and Bellevue Hospital Center in New York City, and a fellowship at the State University of New York in Buffalo.

Orr was one of the founders of New Hampshire Cardiology Consultants where he served as director of the cardiac catheterization laboratory. He later served as Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine. During that same time Orr was seen on many medical talk shows and was a regular on local news as a medical expert.

He has been a California resident since 2007 and along with his wife, Dr. Monique Manganelli, board certified in internal medicine, endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism, maintains a second home in Idyllwild.

Orr plans to see patients by appointment on weekends. Within the Fern Creek Center, Orr will have a cardiology room with the ability to conduct most of the stress tests and evaluations necessary for maintenance of cardiac health. Should Hill patients require more elaborate procedures, Orr can arrange to have them conducted through his Vista practice and associated hospitals, Tri-City Medical Center in Vista and Scripps in Encinitas. Orr’s North County staff can arrange special rate hotel accommodations for Idyllwild residents making the trip and will have staff meet Idyllwild patients as they check into either of the two hospitals with which he is associated.

Orr, who makes a practice of staying physically fit, recommends preventative steps to maintain heart health including regular aerobic exercise, use of fish oil and multivitamins, and nutrition and weight management to keep blood pressure and cholesterol at optimal levels. “We make every effort to provide our patients with the knowledge necessary to improve their health and lifestyle,” said Orr. “We strongly believe in preventative medicine and take great pride in partnering with our patients to provide them the education to live longer and healthier lives.”

As he does in his North County practice, Orr said he would offer Idyllwild patients full service evaluation and greater ability to reach him 24/7 directly as well as coordination of off-Hill visits to the aforementioned San Diego County medical facilities.

Orr said he wants Hill patients to be able to feel connected and safe with regard to their cardiac health at all times, something that can be done through regular visits, testing and monitoring at the Idyllwild office. Also, Skype consultations during times when Orr is not physically on the Hill are also available to Idyllwild patients.