By Piper Dellums
Rent Party organizer

Editor’s note: Last week, the Town Crier wrote about the Rent Party planned for noon to 5 p.m., Monday, Oct. 8. Since the story appeared, the Rent Party committee has changed the process of distributing the proceeds. See Piper Dellums’ explanation below.

It has come to my attention — and I profusely apologize for being unconsciously and unintentionally naive and insensitive in creating this process and in the distribution of aid.

I am saddened and mortified by my oversight in not embracing the respect and honor of anonymity in distributing to those in need without having their names announced or having them attend and put their names in a jar. It was not to appear to be a drawing … but it defined itself that way, and for that I am very, very sorry.

[On Saturday, Sept. 29,] I was told that many do not want to attend because of the way we decided to take names and announce at the event. We are changing this right now and right away.

I apologize from the deepest well of my being.

We, the committee, have chosen three very worthy families, and one very worthy homeless gentleman suffering from advanced cancer to aid for this first rent party donation process.

We will not be taking any more names at this event.

We were told to discreetly distribute aid to them after the event, and after reading the letters from them concerning their desperate need, we feel strongly that for this first event, we have chosen wisely.

Again, I apologize for my insensitivity … it was not at all my intention to “out” people in need by calling out their names in a drawing. It was naive. I hope [this] … calms the anger of many … and puts the heart of the event back into the intention of the event.

My love and thanksgiving to you all.

Also, will those planning on attending please bring a potluck dish, your own utensils and a chair for sitting and enjoying the entertainment.