Referring to 47 percent of Americans, Mitt Romney [Republican presidential candidate] has said, “My job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

Does Romney really believe that nearly half of all Americans are irresponsible freeloaders? Is he talking about you? If not, look at the guy next to you; it must be him.

Yes, there are welfare queens, but they do not make up anywhere close to half of our population. No, most of Romney’s 47 percent are the poor and the elderly.

Yet have the elderly not paid taxes throughout their working years? Have they not sacrificed to create the generally free and prosperous society we enjoy today?

How about the poor? Do they not send a disproportionate number of their sons and daughters to defend our freedoms? Do they not undertake a disproportionate share of life’s drudgery, thereby enabling the rest of us to live more comfortably?

Romney may want us to believe otherwise, but it is not the poor and the elderly who have created the downward spiral we are in.

Nor are our problems caused by what Romney calls “entitlements.” By birth we are entitled to nothing. Not education, not health care, not a safe work environment, not a pension, nor a sound national infrastructure.

Entitlements are given to us by our society for the betterment of that society. For example, we build schools and pay teachers not because children have some inherent right to an education but because we believe it is in the common good that members of our society be educated. Entitlements exist not to help people but to improve our society.

We must move beyond the puerile idea of “fairness.” Chimpanzees become angry when they feel they are being treated unfairly. A young child insists that the pbj sandwich be divided exactly in half.

It doesn’t matter that Jimmy has not eaten in three days; fair is fair — I want my half. If we cannot move beyond this kind of childish thinking, our future is bleak.

We’ll never build a better society if we allow ourselves to be divided — rich against poor, race against race, Republican against Democrat, government against the governed.

There is nothing necessarily wrong with men who amass fortunes. But such men are often detached from reality (imagining the rest of us to be freeloaders). They are seldom great leaders.

Great leaders are men and women who have proven themselves through lives of conviction, courage, and sacrifice.

Dan Pietsch


  1. I imagine if the man worked with a teleprompter, he wouldn’t make verbal blunders—That said, we have sitting on Pennyslvania Avenue right at this moment, a person who is The King of Divisiveness, which seerms to be the way HIS Party rolls any way you cut it—And we are no longer being influenced by a TWO PARTY SYSTEM, but are being “gamed” by what amounts to THE ONE AND ONLY PARTY, and that is The Party of Politics—to include virtually all who sit in The U.S. Congress, and now I even suspect they have infiltrated The SCOTUS to the detriment of The U.S. Constitution—and they will continue to do thier combined best to sell J.Q. Public what amounts to nothing less then smoke, mirrors, BS, and more often than not, flat out LIES—-I once was a Democrat (fresh outta the Army, early 70’s)—when I didn’t know any better…and then I was a Republican (80’s thru the early part of this new century), because I came to believe I finally did know better….but now? Now I am thoroughly disgusted, PROUDLY unaffiliated, and expect nothing but the worst from whomever may prevail in the coming election…and I have little doubt that they will deliver more of the same crap that is slowly but surely dismantling Freedom loving America, one piece at a time.

    • way to show him how to be an American, opinions need to be housed under slimy rocks!

      /thumbs down

      no worries, when Spain tried to prosecute Bush/Cheney for war crimes (torture)? Obama was quick to block prosecution. It seems both political ideologies make statements about compassion, wonder who is paying attention?

      Now. Back to your regularly scheduled elitism…